Hi10 X Micro SD Card Reader Failure

Hi there,
Can anyone help? My Hi10 X that I’ve only had since April seems to have an issue with the Micro SD Card reader. It was working fine last week but has suddenly stopped working.

I have tried various other cards and all of them can be read with another PC or Micro SD Card Adapter.

Windows doesn’t play the acknowledgement sound when the card is inserted and it does not appear under disk management.

I have tried a fresh install of Windows 10 and used the Chuwi Hi10 X image provided in this forum but still no working reader.

I have also a Pen Drive Linux that used to see the SD Card and that no longer see’s it anymore.

Can anyone think of something I haven’t tried.

Thanks for any thoughts on the subject.


This happened to me the other day,
fortunately everything returned to normal later on…
My thoughts are the hardware overheated, after-all, it does get quite hot at the top left hand side (in landscape mode)