HI10pro - strange issues

Hi everyone,
I had some strange experience with my Hi10pro (dual OS)
I didn’t use it for a while (about 1 month) and then when I tried to switch on:

  • first try, windows didn’t boot, with blue screen informing that some component was missing
  • second try, Android. It worked for one or two times, then it suddenly stopped to boot on android side too.

So I flashed Android (recover mode) and made it work again, then I re-installed Win10 (forum image) and it worked too.
Now I successfully update Win10 to 1909 and it seems all ok, but my question is:

what could have happened? I really don’t want to repeat all flashing steps in the near future…

thanks everyone in advance


I have the same problem. After few month when I turn on my Hi10pro (dual OS) , windows is not working. After few weeks even the Android stopped working. When I reinstall thee boot of them, after few days-weeks I have the same problem. I reinstalled my Hi10 maybe 5 times , but the problem stays. Why? Whay should I do?

Sometimes internal storage (emmc) does not work well because it is not used for a long time, or the internal controller transfers information from a bad sector to the good one. If you don’t plan to use tablet or smartphone long time - it’s good to just turt it on and off every 2-3 weeks.
Also, over time, the memory wears out and the controller can simply lock the memory, so the tablet will not be able to boot or will boot, but you cannot delete or change anything in the system.

And if sometimes system files become corrupted without any reason, it can means that internal storage going bad.