Hi10X charge port replacement

Hello all this is my first time posting here because I can’t find anywhere to purchase a new charge port for my hi10x. I’m really just an over confident noob but I am pretty decent at researching and applying repairs to various gadgets and gizmos. I’m really not even sure how I would go about it yet though I have a general idea. I can say that I have successfully replaced a charge port on two different devices BY MY SELF! :hugs::nerd_face:( a JBL FLIP 4 speaker and a Galaxy Note 10±) so I’m still confidently doing my little happy dance about those and confident that if I get the part I will be able to open it up and figure it out.
My Chuwi’s charge port started getting fritzy one day and at first it would only charge if the charger was only pushed in half way. Then it started being sensitive about the cord moving at all while plugged in and so I would just set it up on my desk and leave it to charge and wait to use it but the battery life was significantly weaker and would barely take a charge past about 30% or so and it quickly ran out of what battery life it was getting. So I’m not really sure what that is all about. But … Anyways. Here are my questions:
1.) Where can I get the replacement part? And are the parts exclusive or is there a cross compatible option?
2.) Long shot I know but… Is there an alternative means of charging? IE: through one of the USB A ports or even the display port possibly
3.) Is this going to be just the literal port piece or an entire board?
4.) Does it sound like a possibility to possibly just open it up and solder what ever Circuit/connection/contact is the problem child ? (As apposed to having to find and order the aforementioned unfindable part)

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for bearing it through my disheveled mess of a question. Here’s a gold star :star: and a cookie :cookie:. :wave::wave::v::metal: