Lost the charger cable for Chuwi Hi10

Dear Everyone,
Is there any kind soul here who could assist me in finding a new charger cable for my Chuwi Hi10 (CWI515), Q64G42161000434 I bought in 2016?

Thank you very much for your consideration and support,

This is micro HDMI :slight_smile:
You need to charge tablet with regular micro usb cable.

I’m very grateful for your reply, Biosham! Unfortunately, the tablet won’t charge via the micro-USB port. The other connector looks in fact like micro-HDMI but is keyed in a different way.

If your tablet is really hi10, then the only charge port is microUSB. If your tablet does not charge through this port, you may have a hardware problem.

Apologies for the delay in responding to you, Biosham! Sadly enough, the tablet simply won’t charge via its micro-USB port. At least the power LED should indicate that the device is getting power. I clearly remember that I had to use the HDMI-looking connector to charge it ever since I purchased it. The tablet has been used extremely sparingly (approx. 4. times a year) so I highly doubt it’s actually defective. I was unable to find a micro HDMI to USB A on the market.

“… I was unable to find a micro HDMI to USB A on the market.”

That’s because they don’t exist. The ONLY way to charge it is via the micro USB port. Is it possible the charger is faulty? Can you try another? Pretty much any Samsung type cable will fit but it needs a 2 amp supply, any less and the charger gets hot and may cause a fire, so please be careful. The light normally flashes when charging and is on steady when fully charged.

I bought a 2m long cable for mine off eBay so I can use it when still plugged in sitting in my chair. If the socket is faulty then it may need repairing. FYI you can use the micro USB port as a USB if you have an OTG (On The Go) device, just like a phone, it’s input and output capable.

Thank you very much for your reply, CrumblePie. I’ve let a generic USB charger delivering 2.4 amps stay plugged in for several days but unfortunately it didn’t have any effect - no LED ever flashed up. I’ve tried all smartphone chargers in the house as well, without success. I don’t certainly exclude the risk that the device is actually dead but as it hasn’t been used for quite a while (and it worked like a charm last time) it’s highly unlikely. The fact you’re claiming about the one and only USB charging method totally makes sense. However, I insist and clearly remember that I used to charge the tablet using the odd connector. Would anyone here be interested in selling the charger & cable with micro header that was included with the Chuwi Hi10?

Then I think the only option for you is to take it to a computer repair shop, it may be that the charge socket has come un-soldered from the main PCB (dry joint) which does happen through wear and tear (even if not used a lot). I have good soldering skills but it’s not something I’d want to attempt myself. The new lead free solder is pants tbh but is required by manufactures nowadays to comply with tech waste regs, it’s just not as good as the old Lead/Tin stuff (I still use 60/40 Sn/Pb flux cored myself and it’s much more resilient imho). Other than that there’s not much more I can suggest I’m afraid.