[Hi13] [Tutorial] How to flash BIOS for Chuwi Hi13

Preparation tool:

A: You need a 2 pieces of OTG cable.
Or a USB hub
B: A Keyboard with USB port
C: A USB stick.
If you have the Hi13 rotation keyboard, the OTG and external USB keyboard won’t be needed.
And bluetooth keyboard can’t be used.

The first step:

Prepare a USB Stick to connect your computer. Format it into the FAT 32 format and rename it as “WINPE”. Copy the all files in the rar file to the USB stick as follows:
The second step:
Connect the USB stick and the keyboard to the tablet via OTG or HUB

The third step:
Please press the power button for around 3 sec, Then tap “F12” continuously in the keyboard until the tablet shows the following image:

The forth step:
Use the arrow pointer to choose your USB Stick for boot, then press Enter

The fifth step:
The tablet will enter Shell mode and start the flashing script, it will take around 2 min for the process

When it finish flashing, turn off the tablet, remove the USB Stick, turn on the tablet again, tap F12 and choose Enter Setup, it should then look like this

Download Tutorial:
https://mega.nz/#!Is4WSSrT!aEQ7w … BI_RBstxerawUDGdA4U