[Hi8 Pro] [Official Version][Dualboot] Chuwi Hi8 Pro Windows + Android + Bios + driver

Are you trying to install clean windows and delete android? If no - try to use another usb drive.


Thank you for the information
As soon as I have time, I try it out.

I have an error message with the following link:

Thank you

Hello, did you fix your issue ? I have installed the 4. Chuwi Hi8 Pro windows (used for serial number PQ32G221705xxxxx) and I have the same issue with the touch screen PQ32G221709xxxxx.

I have read in others threads that the touch screen issue is probably due to a wrong version installation. What I have noticed is that the touchscreen works correctly in the first menu (OS selection)

Is there a link for 1709 version ?

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Hello. I had problems with Windows 10 on the tablet Hi8 pro serial number PQ32G22170803563. After reinstalling the OS, the touchscreen does not work. I tried different versions from the forum. Could you send me a link to the current version of Windows for me and a driver for a touchscreen.
I tried http://www.mediafire.com/file/47rst99t03o66f9/Hi_8_Pro_PQ32G221705_Windows.part1.rar, but it doesn’t work properly.


Try this windows https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9u15ghxok2klt/Hi8_Pro_Dual_system_for_1708XXX
Drivers are not available because all links to m.box.com are dead.


Dear all,

The download links for the serial number PQ32G2216030001 - PQ32G22160415000 are not available, can you re-upload the Dualboot Windows and Android image? Thanks!

Can you upload all links because they dont work.


I want to install only windows. is it possible. Can you help me?

Its not woking the link

This is for single boot

What version of Android is this?

windows image doesn’t work course wim file bigger than 4gb and filesystem is fat32

Hi! Please, help me) Where can I get Android and Windows files for tablets PQ32G2216030001 - PQ32G22160415000?

I need bios dual boot for seri 1511xxxx .helpme thank bro

write to service@chuwi.com

hola, tu tablet es 1709 ??

para ese hay un windows solo 1708, y no necesitarás instalar driver adicionales.
yo lo he instalado en mi hi8 pro

Do you know if it is 32bit or 64bit?

This is x32 system image.

Hello, i need a BIOS on PQ32G22160801570