[Hi8 Air] Chuwi Hi8 Air Windows + Android + driver





Uiso9_pe and WINPE , ISO :

Hey can somone tell me please if i can install a newer version of windows from iso file ?? and if i can can i do it without deleteing the andoid partition???

Succesfull installing windows on chuwi, but How to install Android driver? i dodnt go to android,.

@manonegra222 probably you can help them

Although these tablets shared both systems, Android and Windows, only Windows has been able to update since then, leaving Android in version 5.1, a version that is very rarely used since most of the Apps in the Play Store are no longer compatible. . My advice is to continue using Windows on your device and forget about that obsolete Android. Furthermore, if you installed Android again, it would eliminate Windows and you would have to reinstall it again.

I wanted to try cleaning the entire system by dual boot flashing both of them, reinstalling Windows was successful even though there were still problems with the Windows serial code (not activated) but I tried to hold on until I succeeded in reinstalling Android, but it turned out that reinstalling Android had a lot of problems, including the one I mentioned in this thread,. It doesn’t matter if it’s not compatible with some applications, I want to turn on Android for my work experience on WhatsApp and Zoom meetings, maybe these two apps are still very compatible on this tablet even though it’s only version 5.0. I beg you to provide a solution, even if I have to reinstall Windows again, it’s not a problem. when reinstalling Android was successful, then I wanted to solve the problem of reactivating the Windows serial code.