Hi9 Plus Internal Memory

Hi9 Plus will NOT Format 64GB SD Card for use as Internal Memory

If you insert a raw card, Android will ask you if you want to format and if you want to use it as additional memory or as storage

I have done this, but when you select Additional Memory then Next to Format, it only goes to 20% then stops formatting.

Is the 64GB SanDisk Ultra micro SDXC UHS-1 Card compatible with the Chuwi Hi9 Plus Tablet.

I understand that if.
Try to format it on a PC, in Fat32 format and then insert it in the tablet. It will ask you how you want to use it and select as internal memory

I have tried formatting th 64GB Card to FAT32 in my Laptop, but just the same result when I put it into the Chuwi Hi9 Plus Tablet.

I had an externally formatted 64 GB SD Card that was working nicely.
I then changed it to a 128 GB SD Card. After inserting it, I was proposed to use it as internal memory and warned that it could not be used outside this device, I said yes. Now this card is not recognized in windows.
Worse, the CHUWI Hi9plus reports 256 GB memory. It also drop the SD Card many times a day (looks to have a relation with changes in the Wifi link) and every time I need to reboot.
Hell! I wish there was an update for this bug!