Hi10 Plus - external sdcard not working

I have since june 2018 the Hi 10 Plus tablet with old Android 5.1 and Windows 10.
Mostly I use Android and without the external sd-card and Apps2SD it is not usable, because there is only 8 GB internal memory space, which is very fast full.
So I had an old 32 GB sd card (Class 2) with two partitions, 6 GB in ext4 and the rest in FAT32.
The ext4 is for the apps, because Apps2SD links the internal space to the 6 GB ext4 partition.

Now my sdcard has gone, it is broken, exactly said, it is only readable, but writing is not anymore possible.
I know this issue, when the controller of the sdcard notices that there are errors it switches to read only so there are not data losses.

I tried now many other new sd-cards, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, Class 4, Class 10, but none of them works. The old one was from 2011, so I guess that the ChuWi HiPlus 10 cannot handle any newer sd-card-system, maybe needs lower than Class 4?
I read that the ChuWi Hi10 Plus has problems with sdcards higher than 32 GB, but I remember I used firstly a 128 GB card, which was some years old, too.

Anybody knows about that?
How could I use an actual sd-card in my ChuWi?


Hello, I‘m sorry to hear that. for aftersale service(repair, replacement, tech support), please contact aftersale@chuwi.com, our service department will help you out with this issue. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.:heart:

So I wrote this issue to aftersale@chuwi.com weeks ago but never got any answer.