Hi9 Pro Discharging battery and faulty on screen keyboard

My Hi9 pro battery gets down to 15% and I plug it in overnight. If I don’t unplug it, it is likely to be completely discharged a few hours later even if not being used,
Also, The letters “i” and “m” don’t work on the on-screen keyboard.

I purchased this tablet in the US from Amazon but I live in Australia. how can it be repaired?

How can it discharge when it is connected to the power?

I just checked and the numbers and the punctuation mark in the same place as the i and m don’t work either so the touch screen is unservicable in those places. What do I do?

I do not know how long the tablet has and the use that you have given to the battery but, in principle you should rule out that it is a software malfunction, since what you explain about the fact that the keyboard keys on the screen do not work is also not normal.
You must wait for the battery to discharge according to Android, reaching 0% to see if it turns off or remains on. If it turns off, you should try to turn it on again to see if it turns on (this could indicate that the battery is out of calibration).
When it turns off, you must put the charger and try to charge up to 100%

For the theme of the keys, you must perform a factory reset within the settings security options. Keep in mind that this will erase the data on the tablet, so you should make a backup to avoid losing your data.

If the problem is hardware, you should change the screen. To get the replacement write to aftersales@chuwi.com where they will also tell you how to act to make a shipment to Chuwi for repair

Thank you for your advice!

The tablet was purchased on August 10 2019. I didn’t receive it until August 28. I purchased tempered glass screen protectors also and fitted one after peeling off the original plastic. No physical injury has occurred to the tablet, I am very careful with it and it is hardly used. I will follow your advice.

Regards, A.


The battery is better after restarting and I did a factory reset but the screen was the same. I decided to remove the tempered glass protective screen to see if it was effecting it. After it was removed, I could see a very fine crack from the top to the bottom of the screen. This tablet has not had an accident, could this happen other than by an accident? What to do now???

It is not necessary to have an accidental fall for the digitizer to break, it is enough that it has been resting on it in an armchair or that it has been pressed by books in a backpack or that it has been stored in a suitcase too close to the outside to that with a simple support or pressure the digitizer has been broken, which causes the malfunction in certain points of the touch screen.
You must change both, digitizer and LCD since, being laminated screen, it is almost impossible to separate them unless it is done by a very specialized technician.
You could also send it to Chuwi for repair. To do this you must write to aftersale@chuwi.com asking for the cost and delivery times.