HiBook Dual boot CWI514 Android Problem

Hi from Turkey.
To have Windows and android.
The android part of my HiBook Dual boot tablet does not open.

I am the owner of Model: CWI514
HiB Q64G45160401881
I am trying to return to factory settings but I could not (Power with Volume + 5 seconds)

Please help me.

Try pressing the power and volume button - for one second, releasing the power button and pressing the volume button -

Thank you.

I was able to enter the way you said but android does not start after factory reset.
It does not exceed the screen with the text intel inside.

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Hi again.

Can you help with reinstallation with usb ?

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When installing Android, you will lose Windows and you will have to reinstall it unless, in the Android installation files, there is a “non-erase-all” flash file that you would have to use for the reinstallation of Android without losing Windows.

The instruction to Reinstall Windows 10 for Chuwi HiBook:

The Instruction to Flash Android on HiBook (Win10 Remained):
And this is the tool of android:

Chuwi HiBook Android download:
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … cd3i03s7948h7cffwtm
When you install Android for HiBook using this file, Windows OS will be cleared. After installing android, please install windows 10 again.

Chuwi HiBook Android ( without losting Windows , using usb flash disk to flash ):
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … w4ibp7fn49zewsw0kh9
When you install Android for HiBook using this file, Windows OS will not lost.

Chuwi HiBook Windows download:

Android download links are down or pointing to the wrong location (Android tool). Could you please update the download links.