High temperatures on a new Chuwi minibook

I have bought the 8100y model. I think that the temperature is not normal.

With the power cable disconnected I get 49 idle to 81 degrees on high load. Doing a windows update or installing an application I can easily get 70-75 degrees.

While charging the battery the temperatures go up a lot, I get 58 idle to 98 on high load (causing throttle). Doing a windows update or installing an application I can easily get 85-92 degrees.

I have modified the energy plan on windows 10 to use only 90% of the processor and the temperatures reduced a little, but I think that it’s not the best option.

I have updated to last version of bios and firmware available on this forum.

This is normal temperature. You can change the fan, replace the thermal paste with a more heat-conducting one, put the thermal pads so that the heat is transferred to the case. With this mods temperature can be reduced by 10-20 degrees.

If I do that I will loose the warranty. I think that this is not acceptable on a brand new product. I am returning it to the seller.

What you can do, without voiding any waranty, is using the Intel XTU software to undervolt the cpu. This will no impact the cpu performancce, it only will lower the cpu voltage, and therefore power used, and therefore its temperatures.

What also will help is set in Windows the energy plan not on ‘best performance’but on ‘better performance’ or ’ better battery’. This will lower the speed and power of the cpu, making the minibook more silent.

The temperatures you’re describing are very normal temperatures. If you get 90-100 degrees for about 80% of the usage time, then I’d say something is wrong. But when the CPU hits 90 or even 98 or so for a few minutes because it’s working on a heavy task, then it’s absolutely normal.

Hi, I have downloaded Intel XTU and its running, can you recommend what settings to use to lower the cpu voltage. I have installed the EC patch so the fan is now quiet.
I also understand that im doing this at my own risk.

I would reccomend to change the “Turbo boost power max” to 9 watt (more won’t do anything, it’s just how much power the CPU may use. The 8100Y is limited to 9 watt. So if you use in XTU a limit of 15 watt, the chip will still use its own limit).
Then you can start to play around with the “Core voltage offset”. Set it to -50 mV, the run some stress tests (Futuremark stress test, play a videogame, run some random benchmarks or use the stress test of XTU itself). If the laptop doesn’t crash, increase the voltage offset with 10 mV (from -50 to -60 mV) and repeat the stress test.
At some point the laptop will crash and restart. No worries, nothing is broken :slight_smile: Then start XTU, set the “Turbo boost power” again to 9 watt, and set the "Core voltage offset 5 mV higher than what made the Minibook crash (if it crashed at -80 mV, try -75 mV) and repeat the stress test.

If you’ve find a stable offset (like -75 mV), increase it with 5 mV (-70 mV) and use that as final setting. Save it as a profile in XTU as sometimes (after a restart) the power settings re reset to their default values.

If for any reason the Minibook is crashing randomly, then increase again the value with 5 mV.

Pay attention to set the ‘Core Ofset voltage’ to a negative value (like -0.040V) and not a positive value. (like 0.040V) So slide to the left :slight_smile:

I’m using an undervoltage of -70 mV as -75 is stable, and -80 isn’t. In benchmarking I got a 5-10% increment in cpu score.

There is no Warranty with chuwi, I bought my Chuwi laptop, it broke down 1 week later. the after-sales service does not answer me any more. I hope that it will not be the case for you. but this is the reality.

I did some benchmarks on my Minibook with and without using XTU.
My Minibook has the 8100Y cpu,. 16 GB of ram and 512 GB SSD. It runs Win10 from the SSD, the emmc is disabeled in Windows. I’m using the EC mod to silence the fan and I’ve changed the noisy fan for a silent one.

When not using XTU, or when using the default values I get the following Passmark score:

When settint the offset to -0.075V and theboost power to 8 watt I get the following benchmark result

So overal I get a 10-20% better performance when undervolting the miniboook, and not the 5-10% I did mention earlier. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have done what you said and the machine seems to run very well.
Thanks for the info.
One issue I noticed with the fingerprint reader is since I have used the modified EC bios the reader does not work from cold boot.

When I run the intel XTU tool, the Core Voltage Offset is grayed out and I can’t change it. Is there something else I need to do to enable that option?

To answer my own question, I got it to work by downloading the previous version of XTU (