Hipad max not starting

I have a boot problem with my HiPad Max. it no longer boots up, it goes into an options menu but no option seems to work just goes back to Chuwi logo and then to Options menu again.



Any suggestions on how I can get this tablet to restart or factory reset?

@manonegra222 do you think installing again everything would work?
@Amigo326 tell me your serial number so i can give you the files

Hi manonegra222, my serial number is 52bb318 (it can be seen on the first image).

The serial number i need it is inside the sim card/Sd card piece. You open that piece and its in a corner super small written.

Hi, you were correct about it being small - took me ages to work it out
here it is - JHipdMKK20221100510

Try to get to recovery mode by turning on the tablet and immediately press and hold the volume button - to see if recovery mode appears on the screen and, among the options, choose to return to factory settings. To move through the options you must use the volume + and - buttons, and to select, the power button.

Recovery mode is one of the options that comes up but when I press power button to enter this mode it just loops back to the menu list.
There are Six options available. They are -
Boot to QMMI
Boot to FFBM
Power Off
Recovery Mode
Restart to Bootloader
The only one that doesn’t return me to the menu list is Power off

Firmware for Batch Serial Numbers:

Hi Maria,thanks for sending me the download. I have unrar’d it and looked at the files within but I cant find an executable program included.
Can you please inform me how I can get the files needed to restore the tablet over to it.

@manonegra222 where can he download the manual to install with flashtool? would be valid for Hipad max?

Hi Maria, have you had a reply from manonegra222 yet?

he will usually answer directly here, not to me,@manonegra probably he just did not see this mesage, dont worry he will come


Sorry for the delay, i waws waiting to confirm the link . I hope now you can do it

Hi Maria, unfortunately it hasn’t worked or maybe I should say the flashtool went through its operation but the outcome was that the tablet is still in the same state.
I followed all the steps on the instructions and ran the update which stated that the download was successful and had finished.
Atter turning the tablet on I found it was still in the same state as before.
I would be so sad to have to abandon this tablet as I have had a good experience with it in the 15 months I had owned it.
I s there anywhere in Europe I can send the tablet to to be checked over and maybe recovered?

Thanx for your help.

Yes,we have a repair center in Germany. But before sending the tablet, i would recommend you taking it to a normal repair center on your city, because maybe for not much money they can tell you what it is, who knows maybe its just a stupid thing and they can repair it . Sending to Germany will cost you the money because its out of warranty.

Starta om den i fabriksåterställning ett bra försök Åke

As stated before I cannot get to restart mode.
I visited 3 IT repair shops this weekend but none of them have seen this issue and didn’t have any idea on how to fix it.
Has anyone seen this menu before?

tech told me that you need to erase the download, and it will cause to loose the Imei, and not posible to make good calls (if that is important to you…)If you dont want to have poor signal for Sim card, then the only solution is to send for repair.

But If you still want to try: @manonegra222 check these files that tech gave me and can you explain the correct way to install all this?


Flashtool Drivers:


-The drivers of the flashtool must be installed before installing the flashtoolI
-In order to erase the download. On the Flashtool windows it need to be selected the options (there are 5 options to be marked in a tick box, you select these two.

I understand that you carried out the complete process of flashing the tablet with the software that has been provided to you. In that case: did you see that the tablet was recognized by the system? Did you see the progress of the flash process and finally, did you receive a notification that the process had finished successfully?