HiPad Pro Snapdragon 662 - Compatible Replacement Battery

The battery of my tablet swelled leading to the detachment of the screen.
It was taken to a service center (not CHUWI as there isn’t one in my country), but they couldn’t find a compatible battery for replacement.
Can someone guide me on where to purchase a compatible one?
Thank you!

I have same problem.

You most write to support service: Soporte de contacto-Apoyo-Chuwi Official - Laptop, Tablet PC con Android/Windows, Mini PC

I already did, a few days ago. I’m still waiting for an answer.

Battery Hipad Pro is eleven dollars plus shipping

Sounds great! Thank you! But where can I find it. Do you have link or something… ?

You must wait the email fron support after sales Chuwi

I will do so, thank you!

@bogo.b just in case, ibdesxxxr@gmail.com did you write from this email? so i will check tomorrow if it arrived. Because sometimes they go to Spam and maybe thats why my colleagues did not answer. They normally do before 48h


Yes, it is me.

Thank you for your support.

I checked all the possibles emails in which we could receive and it does not appear in any of them.

i asked and we do have batteries, for this model is 17$.

Can you write them again?
Filling this form?

Go to you www.chuwi.com ,

Select your zone up right side(Europe/USA etcc)
Menu-Explore -Contact us- Aftersales Service
-Fill the form(is important to fill this and not write a simple email)

  • Write Maria, at the beginning (so my colleagues know i send you)
    -Dont forget to write your Serial Number /Where are you from /When did
    you buy it(warranty purpose)/Where did you buy it

  • They answer normally in 48/72h, if not, write me again and i will check in case it went to Spam.

  • If possible in English language (they dont understand any other language)

  • Reach out to Chuwi’s customer support directly and inquire about the availability of replacement batteries for your specific model.

I just wrote another message using the support form, from the website, with all the details.
Thank you!

I just checked and it did not enter. I think the system just stop yopur email before it arrives to our servers :).Write again but this time to service@chuwi.com. When you write it let me know and i check again. I am sorry for this :frowning:

Hello! I just sent an email to service@chuwi.com
The subject of the email is: Battery Replacement for CHUWI HiPad Pro Snapdragon 662

Yes now we have it:) thank you, my colleagues will inform you

Thank you very much for all your involvement!

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i hope you can get it