How do I clear the cache?

How do I clear the cache on the Hipad Plus? I found that I could clear the cache on an individual app. But isn’t there a way to clear the cache on everything at one time?


Sure hope someone can answer how to clear the cache all at one time on the Hipad Plus.

So far I just have cleared a few individual caches. There must be an easier way to clear the caches.

Not sure because I don´t have any Chuwi Tablet but a third part app called CCleaner is very nice and provides this option. I hope some user in the forum has the answer for you about a solution already in the software that comes with tablet.


Thanks for replying.

Do you know how to use the camera on the Hipad Plus?

No idea. There is camera app in the apps list?

I understand that there may be an app installed, and some kind of shortcut as clicking twice powerbutton or something.

Thanks for the advice.

I did find the camera app which worked.

Clicking the power on button twice didn’t work. Hopefully, that can eventually work.

Still wondering how to clear the cache all at one time on my Chuwi Hipad Plus.


Not sure if this device has a feature to do it directly because I don´t have the device but CCleaner was always a good App to do it on my other Android Devices.

One other possible alternative is to turn on the device in recovery mode and apply Clear Cache directly from there but not sure how to do it in this Chuwi Device.