How to get all drivers for Chuwi tablets and others

I came across “Drivers pack 17” and it got me all drivers for my Chuwi HI12.
I have been looking for damn drivers to show the inexistant battery icon (to know how much battery charge the tablet was supposed to have). I was in trouble cause tablet was switching off of a sudden with no warning.
Other drivers couldn’t been found either, even with the “no windows signature” method.

I found “Drivers pack” and I let it go on my tablet. At the beginning I felt skeptical and thought it was plenty of viruses or some crap, but finally it installed ALL my drivers and now I can see the battery icon and its charge, with “low battery” warning and all.

But pay extreme attention to where you get the “drivers pack” executable. A lot of sites try to cheat on us and put viruses in it.

Hope it helps


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Another suggestion for everyone is that EXTRACT YOUR DRIVERS from the original installation oas soon as you get your laptop and create a backup. That’s the safest way to have the drivers ready when you need to reinstall Windows. You can google how to extract the drivers from an existing installation.

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Thanks for sharing your experience

You can use the doubledriver application, freely available on the internet


Hi, could you share the link ? I have the same problem, the battery status icon is missing.