How to remove windows in Chuwi hi10plus and leave andoid

i need help : how to remove windows in Chuwi hi10plus and leave android and i already tried to download some files in these forum but some is missing link

my chuwi hi10plus 4G+64G H10LQ64G42180303650

please help, share again tutorial and link of all files that all it needs


1711 is for you

Personally I do not advise removing Windows since it is Windows 10 and it is completely updated and 100% operational

However, Android is 5.1, a version from 4 years ago and that already has applications in the play store with will not work due to obsolete system

dear admin

is it possible that we delete all program and re install new android version in my chuwi hiplus 10?


I tottaly agree !!
Since windows is as slow as if the device had half a core,
since windows consumes the battery as fast as if the device had 25 cores,
since Excel freezes as soon as you ask for somethin as unusual as 3*2?

Since Android freezes when end were it suits itself, (usually 2 mn after start up and possibly when you need it )

Since downloading a soft from G*play takes more time than it is left before it’s gonna freeze,

Since You’ll never get it to work properly, I’d recommend to keep both Android and WINDOWS

I would recommend to get rid of this piece of …
like I did with my LQ64G421802XXX,

after HOURS spent playing the chaman, burning sauge and

  1. Press the power button for 30 seconds and release
  2. Press the power button three times at half-second intervals
  3. Put the charger and try to turn on.
    remove the keyboard, unplug usb, wash your hands
    wait 3 hours, push button with right hand and nose with left, looking to the moon…

after hours spent flasing new bios, new boot new windows, miraculous android.

after hours spent trying to understand why I made such a mistake as buying this piece of crap.

Now my problem is solved, I use another brand.

You should never have been left with a tablet that was not working properly from the start. He must have used the guarantee.

I agree…
I should never have been provided with a tablet that was not working properly from the start.

This item was given to me as an exchange under garantee I asked and got from ALLIANZ when the first item was a chaotic errance from start.
I tried to make the second works and that was my second mistake, the first was to buy it in the first place.
I thought I was maybe the only one that could not use it.
It occurs that the reputation of this model is made upon tens of posts from disapointed users.
this HI10 is a fraud, it never worked for anybody and never will. it was a too high aim from Chuwi.

google HI10, you’ll never get a satisfied customer post.

instead, just try to find, for any other model, as many posts about android freezing, battery leak, lack of windows efficeincy and other complaints without any effective response from the brand officals.
You even wrote one day :
I quote you:
The important thing is that it turns on, it does not matter if it enters recovery mode since, if it manages to turn it on, we can repair it with an external pendrive.

and more to this, here is the message from technisol, with the explained woodo push button game to try to start it and the recommendation to never shut down the tablet with its keyboard connected !!!

What about the guys that don’t lnow how to flash from a Pd ? what about those who don’t know anything about recovery and bought a bi-boot tablet expecting to use it as they use their phone?

What about the guy that does not spek english, that shut down his tablet with its keyboard connected, which does not look akward, and will never start it again?

We all bought a machine that never worked as it had to and again it is a shame to sell such crap.

Again, the message from technisol is about a 2015 bios.
my device is from 2018 and was issued with the same flaw… plus others.
When something wrong is found on my phone, an correction update is proposed and EASILY installed, with no mumbo jumbo to get through it.
what was done by Chuwi ?
absolutly nothing, every new bios is just an evolution to a new chip.
but no real upgrade of the opsys is made.