Install Windows HiPad Air

¿How to Install Windows on a HiPad Air?

I don’t know your purpose on doing this. HiPad Air is ARM architecture. You need to look for Windows for ARM64. I found a link here. I used to install Windows 10 iot on Raspberry Pi. The performance is very bad. This is specifically for software developers only. You cannot install Windows apps for x86-64 on Windows ARM version. These cpu architectures are totally different worlds. And Windows ARM version contains very little drivers. It means many hardware inside your device will not be workable, e.g. touch, wifi, display and so on. You need to build these drivers up by yourself to be used on Windows ARM version. I guess you are super expert software developer in both ARM and x86-64 to be able to do this.

By doing this you may seriously brick your device. Do this with cautions.

Would be interesting to see it working on the tablet

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