Is There a Driver For "AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH" AS CHUWI CUSTOMERS?


As I’m sure you all know AMD and Intel will not let us download the new 2021 (or any driver after 2018) driver for our AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH.

This is because our “HiGame” is a custom-built PC, this is enough for AMD to be unable to allow us to download the Driver.
The same goes with Intel- but it goes on to say that we should reach out to our manufacturer- request the driver that would be safe/compatible to our AMD Grahpics Card/HiGame.

Below are screenshots with my interactions with Chuwi’s “Customer Support.”
During which- I was told that they don’t have the driver.
This is not right, this computer is already becoming outdated (gaming-wise) due to the 3 year-old driver for the AMD card.

Can anyone help me- I need the lastest driver for the AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH!!! I would hate to think that this company doesn’t care about its customers.

*Note I said, “COREBOX PRO,” when I meant “HiGame”

Please help with a link to the driver/software.

Version: 25.20.15002.58 (Latest) Date: 1/10/2019

Is that not a suitable driver?


After a quick google, I found this -

The 2nd post on page 3 explains how to manually install later versions by turning off driver signature enforcement.

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