Is there anybody out there?

Does anybody from Chuwi actually look at these posts?
Does an actual user manual exist? All the supplied information basically tells me how to plug it in.
Actually very pleased with the machine I just wish I got some response.

Yes, there is someone who reads the publications and tries to solve the problems with the few means they have and while on vacation.
Ask your question and I will try to answer you

Thanks for getting in touch.

As I said in my message I like the machine, it’s performance is impressive but there are little things that cause some frustration which could be solved by a better user manual.

My particular concern at the moment is putting the machine to sleep.

When I go to the power menu (sleep / shut down etc) I click on sleep, the monitor shows “no signal” but the blue on/off switch starts flashing. The only way I can stop it is by holding down the switch until it actually switches off. This means that when I wish to restart the machine it has to open “windows” from the beginning. The “chuwi screen” starts first and eventually the spinning circles appear and windows starts loading. The interval seems to vary but sooner or later ”windows” starts.

Is this the correct process, is sleep supposed to start the flashing light?

Any help would be appreciated.



If when you select sleep, then you press the power button for a long time, you will be turning off the device and when you turn on again the programs that you had open when you selected sleep will not be loaded.
The purpose of the sleep function is to provide the user with a quick start of the device, returning to the way it was left at the time of suspension.
If the device is connected to the electrical current, the suspension will be prolonged and the device must be reconnected by pressing enter several times.
I do not have the Corebox, but try what I have indicated, letting the light continue to flash and after a while, press enter several times to see if it returns to normal operation, keeping applications, browser pages, etc. open as you left it at the time of suspension.

The process I followed is the one you describe. I press sleep “no signal” appears on the screen and the light starts flashing. I get fed up waiting for it to stop and eventually press the stop/start button to turn it off.

I was hoping that either a Corebox technician would confirm what should happen and for how long or a user manual would exist which would describe the various ways the Corebox worked.



Michael, I would say the flashing light is to tell you the machine has entered sleep mode the light flashing is so you know it is not completely powered off. If you just press the power on button (maybe several times as suggested, but not a long press as this will power the machine down) the machine should restart from where you left it.



Thanks for the response.
I would just like somebody who has a CoreBox Pro to tell me that this happens with their machine and everything is working properly.
At the moment I switch it off completely. A light that flashes continuously is very irritating! I would aslo say that the machine does not always respond to a simple press of the on/off switch.