Keyboard for Ubook X in German, Spanish, French, UK and Switzerland!

for all those who are looking for a Ubook X keyboard in their language, I have now come across a great alternative. I didn’t want to withhold this from you.
The German company Wortmann sells a tablet with an almost identical form factor with its Terra Pad 1262. Accordingly, the S1203 Type Cover from Wortmann is almost identical.

And best of all, these are available in German (DE), Spanish (ES), Switzerland (CH), French (FR), United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US).

These work perfectly on the Ubook X. However, the polarity of the magnetic snap lock is reversed. But that’s not a problem. The contact bar can be opened very easily. A credit card, flat screwdriver or opening pick will do.
The bar is just pushed open. Simply turn all 6 magnets 180 degrees, close the bar again and that’s it.

The Wortmann Typecover is approx. 2-3 mm larger at the edges, but that doesn’t matter. What is still missing is the magnetic mechanism that holds the TypeCover at the top when it is closed. The Ubook X is still put into standby. So doesn’t really bother either.

I bought my German version on Amazon for € 34 and I’m finally happy. All keys of the German layout including the characters “|”, “>” and “<”.

Good to know! :slight_smile: Is the keyboard illuminated?

I can’t seem to find it on Amazon UK. Any ideas?



If you search for the EAN 4039407057177 on google, you will find the following shop for the UK version.
TERRA TYPE COVER PAD 1262 [UK] – Twin Tiger

The keyboards are not illuminated.