Ubook pro 12.3 Keyboard

Where can I buy a keyboard for Ubook pro ?
most of the sellers don’t have the 12.3 official keyboard

You can try aliexpress.

Thank you Silurian,
as a matter of fact I saw this item on aliexpress but it is blue and I was looking for a grey or black one
I think Chuwi have no longer the ubook pro in their catalog ,as you cannot find it nowhere even in china
anyway thank you again for the quick reponse.

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Yeah, it appears that Chuwi has moved onto the UBook X now. It seems they decided to discontinue the UBook Pro series.

Chuwi also sells the UBook Pro keyboard, but it is the blue one.

I got the blue one at the end, not so bad, except the body is not strong
and I must be very careful when typing!
as the keyboard backlight ? and how to activate ?
I think I saw the nvme is connected on satall but possible to connect to sata lll where please ?

The blue/purple and black keyboard are basically the same. I think they went with a different colour to show the newer keyboards that come with the upgraded firmware (fix for lighting). My Ubook Pro came with the blue/purple keyboard in April and I had a tough time finding a black one, so I imagine they’re pretty much impossible to find now.

And yes, the Ubook Pro seems to have been replaced with the Ubook X, which is the same machine hardware-wise but with a slightly smaller screen and slightly higher resolution. One of my friends bought one, it’s pretty much the same when using it.

As for the backlight: Should still be in the same place, aka Fn+Arrow Up/Down.

The SATA III-mode can only be activated on the 8100Y-model, so when yours has a Celeron N4100 (like mine) you’re out of luck.

thank you darkjeric but I have the m3 8100y
so can you show me how to activate satalll ?surely in the bios
the problem I ask is because I type on a azerty keyboard and the function are not the same
to start on bios is esc or dell ?

Fn+Arrow up or down don’t seem to work maybe another key ?

If it’s an Azerty-keyboard, I’m pretty sure it’s not an original Chuwi since they only make International Qwerty models AFAIK. Are you sure your keyboard has a back-light?

To get in the BIOS it should be the ESC-key regardless of Azerty or Qwerty lay-out.

As for the SATAIII-mode, there’s a topic on this very forum for that already :wink:

this is a qwerty keyboard original as he came in a box named chuwi official,its blue I changed to azerty in the windows settings but it is a notebook so not all the keys are present and i got back to qwerty, I dont know if he as back-light thats why I asked Fn+Arrow up or down don’t seem to work maybe another key ? for the moment all is ok,no problems so far,I use a mouse and turn off the touchbad I dont like at all
thank you for your answers darkjeric ,back-light is no so important, but the not knowing is a bad feeling
a last question; is there a log to manage the camera, I started it using Skype, but it should be an application (by the way , image is not good at all)

for some reason haf of my eyboard don t wor as you can see some etters and numbers
are not wor ing
it has on y few wee s
is there a so ution

Most likely the fragile wires between the keyboard and the tablet have broken. You will probably need to purchase a new keyboard.

It`s sound crazy but I unticked " Ver Num at Log On " and as you can see my keyboard
working great again
I just saw this trick reading forums and it works

Ah. good find. It was that Num Lock was turned on. Yes, this will probably cause some freaky keyboard actions if the keyboard is not properly setup for Num Lock.

My chuwi ubook pro keyboard doesn’t work. It doesnt type these letters z, x, c, v and ENTER !!! Why? The chuwi is less than 1 year old. is it a software or hardware bug? Thanks for help me

I think the problem is hardware, either because of the keyboard and tablet contacts or because the keyboard has deteriorated. You will need to get a replacement. What I do not know is if the keyboard has the warranty year offered by Chuwi to the tablet

I’ve solved the problem. It was a software problem. When you use a standard keboard before return to chuwi keboard turn off the bloc numbers.

Smart move from Chuwi as the Ubook Pro was good , but with many …many different failures because using to cheap hardware , a pity as i liked it , still working but camera not to get working anymore no matter what trying ,USB-C stopped working , battery swollen after just 1 year , and now the hardware connection from detachable original keyboard have a break as interrupted worked and by moving little stops , now complete stop.
Shame is for you Chuwi

Cancelled my thinking to order the big Chuwi laptop

Same happened to me today …to weak build that flexible connection

no news about keyboard of UBook Pro?