Ubook pro 12.3 Keyboard

Where can I buy a keyboard for Ubook pro ?
most of the sellers don’t have the 12.3 official keyboard

You can try aliexpress.

Thank you Silurian,
as a matter of fact I saw this item on aliexpress but it is blue and I was looking for a grey or black one
I think Chuwi have no longer the ubook pro in their catalog ,as you cannot find it nowhere even in china
anyway thank you again for the quick reponse.

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Yeah, it appears that Chuwi has moved onto the UBook X now. It seems they decided to discontinue the UBook Pro series.

Chuwi also sells the UBook Pro keyboard, but it is the blue one.

I got the blue one at the end, not so bad, except the body is not strong
and I must be very careful when typing!
as the keyboard backlight ? and how to activate ?
I think I saw the nvme is connected on satall but possible to connect to sata lll where please ?

The blue/purple and black keyboard are basically the same. I think they went with a different colour to show the newer keyboards that come with the upgraded firmware (fix for lighting). My Ubook Pro came with the blue/purple keyboard in April and I had a tough time finding a black one, so I imagine they’re pretty much impossible to find now.

And yes, the Ubook Pro seems to have been replaced with the Ubook X, which is the same machine hardware-wise but with a slightly smaller screen and slightly higher resolution. One of my friends bought one, it’s pretty much the same when using it.

As for the backlight: Should still be in the same place, aka Fn+Arrow Up/Down.

The SATA III-mode can only be activated on the 8100Y-model, so when yours has a Celeron N4100 (like mine) you’re out of luck.

thank you darkjeric but I have the m3 8100y
so can you show me how to activate satalll ?surely in the bios
the problem I ask is because I type on a azerty keyboard and the function are not the same
to start on bios is esc or dell ?

Fn+Arrow up or down don’t seem to work maybe another key ?

If it’s an Azerty-keyboard, I’m pretty sure it’s not an original Chuwi since they only make International Qwerty models AFAIK. Are you sure your keyboard has a back-light?

To get in the BIOS it should be the ESC-key regardless of Azerty or Qwerty lay-out.

As for the SATAIII-mode, there’s a topic on this very forum for that already :wink:

this is a qwerty keyboard original as he came in a box named chuwi official,its blue I changed to azerty in the windows settings but it is a notebook so not all the keys are present and i got back to qwerty, I dont know if he as back-light thats why I asked Fn+Arrow up or down don’t seem to work maybe another key ? for the moment all is ok,no problems so far,I use a mouse and turn off the touchbad I dont like at all
thank you for your answers darkjeric ,back-light is no so important, but the not knowing is a bad feeling
a last question; is there a log to manage the camera, I started it using Skype, but it should be an application (by the way , image is not good at all)