Ubook Xpro 13'' Keyboard

Hi, I’m struggling to find the genuine keyboard for my Ubook X pro 13’‘, by searching on the web it seems not available or available with crazy prices (around 140$). Can you please advise where I could find it or at least a model that can be connected to my Ubook x pro 13’’ magnetically like the genuine one?

Thanks in advance

I will ask if by chance we have anything in stock, but i doubt it, if not it would be available on some stores.

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Can you please suggest any trustable store where to buy it?

Many thanks

I am sorry we dont have any trustable store. I mean, as is discontinued this product we dont have suppliers anymore.

thanks for your feedback, I’m just surprised that the keyboard is discontinued as the ubook x pro 13’’ tablet is available on the market. Can you please give me any other detail about that?

I have one original new50$

Hello Gd123, do you have an online shop? could you please share the link?


Olx Ro Digi 47

lun., 24 iun. 2024, 13:06 Saverio Binetti via CHUWI | Official Forum <notifications@chuwi.discoursemail.com> a scris:

sorry, I don’t understand the meaning

Are you maybe referring to this one " Vând tastatura de andocare chuwi Ubox pro 13 inch Focsani • OLX.ro"? If so it is possible to sell the item over another website, like ebay?

au la chuwi shop europa

lun., 24 iun. 2024, 15:11 Saverio Binetti via CHUWI | Official Forum <notifications@chuwi.discoursemail.com> a scris:

I purchase europ shop accesorii

lun., 24 iun. 2024, 17:12 Dan <grigorescudan123@gmail.com> a scris:

i have fizic end online shop in romania country

lun., 24 iun. 2024, 17:25 Dan <grigorescudan123@gmail.com> a scris:

Unfortunately it is not available on the chuwi European shop.
If you can sell it on ebay I can try to purchase it.

Sfortunatamente la tastiera per ubook x pro 13’’ non è disponibile sullo Shop europeo di chuwi.
Se tu potessi venderla su ebay potrei provare ad acquistarla.


I have 61 year end inginer.My country chuwi rebrand Mirya many tine.Keyboard 12" is compatibil for 13". Purchase keyboard your site Spain end europ end no have problem

lun., 24 iun. 2024, 18:27 Saverio Binetti via CHUWI | Official Forum <notifications@chuwi.discoursemail.com> a scris:

do you mean that the 12’ keyboard (the one for the UBook x 12’) can work with the ubook x pro 13’?
I’m checking about mirya but with no success.
Where can I find a Mirya magnetic keyboard for chuwi ubook x pro 13’'?

thanks in advance for your valuable support

I asked TECH if the keyboard from UBOOK X would work in UBOOX XPro but they told me is not possible. But you can try if other users said it.