Keyboard problem. Some keys cause unwanted characters or functions

Problem solved. Please see below.

I have a problem with the keyboard on my CoreBook X 2021. Hitting some specific keyboard keys cause the display of wrong characters or perform unwanted keyboard functions. The other keys work well. Please see the picture below. An external keyboard works OK.

The same thing happened to me the first day with the laptop, I don’t know if it was due to a driver but I solved it by restoring the system and selecting the restore point when the keyboard worked well

Thank you for your advice. Problem solved. After looking at the keyboard map (as shown here), I realized that something was creating a numerical keyboard on the standard one. The problem was that the NumLock mode had been set from the external keyboard. Unlocking the num mode on the external keyboard solved the problem.

thanks for the awesome information.

This video was helpful to me: Mi Teclado Escribe Números En Vez De Letras - Desbloquear Teclado Numerico De Laptop - YouTube (watch from minute 4). In my case this was fixed by disabling the Num Lock key from the on-screen keyboard.

Yet another possible solution: On the Windows search box, type key, click on the On-Screen Keyboard app, then set the NumLock key on.