Lapbook Air not working


I have a Lapbook Air (Model Number CWI529). After some Windows 10 update, the laptop is not working anymore.
And when I say “not working”, it is in a state where, if I press the power button, the green LED light up for 15 seconds after going black again.
Nothing on the screen. The charging LED is on when the charger is plugged.
Nothing change if charger is plugged or not.

I checked a few topics but most of them are for the tablet variant (so no “volume button” and stuff).

What could I do?

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After 4 months of use, my Lapbook Plus stopped working. Not even a green light.

I had to send it to China but it seems to be stuck at Customs, for more then a months already.

Nobody cares.

How’s it going?Did you follow up with the after-sales department?

I am facing the exact same problem as described. Have you already found a solution for the problem?