LarkBook 13.3‘’ Wifi card not working

I recently 6 weeks ago, bought LarkBook 13.3‘’IPS Intel Celeron N4120 8GB+256GB | CHUWI and today the Wireless adapter stopped working. Its in airplane mode. It says that, there is no adapter. I have tried rebooting, Tried to uninstall and reinstall the adapter , it looks like its installed but it does not work. Can you please suggest any other steps to troubleshoot this? maybe new drivers or something?

Hello use a key usb wifi

I have had the same apart from my laptop earlier came up as not activated and I had to get the key direct from Chuwi.

Now I have done a fresh install of Windows 10 from image supplied by Chuwi but network card still does not work.

Finally, sent it off to China for support and the tech guys there say there is no fault. Really trying my patience and haven’t had use of the laptop for months now.

Please, Chuwi - there are lots of reports of this issue please can you provide some support.