Larkbox absolutely desconfigured from box

My Larkbox and imagine what to much where absolutely desconfigured from fabric, My unit comes with the fan off and the CPU on turbo mode. In this circunstances the only thing that will occur is a complete system fail in ten days, A thing that im reading and reading in to much sites. Its not too easy. You have to pulse F7 when the system starts and configure ALL the options of the BIOS cause its absolutely disconfigured. You have to put on the fan and the sensors (alson they are off), you have to configure a secure boot with fabric keys option (also the windows boot is unsecure one), you have to put on all the sound options, and start the acpi batery system. The most impoetant thing its putting off the turbo mode and start a equilibrate mode based on the system needs and the sensor values (they are off from fabric). I dont know how this goog product its so bad configured cause only will start to win good sells and stop to sell very quicly cause the the amount of burned dispositives. I absolutely atonishing cause a standard user cant know how to configure a very complicated BIOS like the Larkbox one. Other thing is that the company not provided the necesary drivers to the people but why do this if the units going to burn in a few days. If you are lucky and live in a cold country maybe the Larkbox can survive a few weeks more. Another thing is that they not provided the explanation of what M.2 SATA III drive are gona buy to upgrade the dispositive. I can do it very well at good speed ratios. But i will explain this another day. Good luck.

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When I first got my Larkbox I also noticed it was running hot. One of the things I always do after getting a new system and confirming it is activated is to download an official Windows 10 from Microsoft’s site and delete all partitions on the hard drive and load a new fresh copy. When I did that I noticed in device manager there was 1 area there wasn’t a driver for. Something called PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller. When that driver isn’t there the only difference I noticed is that the fan kicks on/off a lot and keeps everything cool (low 50’s C). When I downloaded the drivers that someone provided for that device the fan stopped working again. So once again I wiped and reloaded to make sure that driver was not there and the fan started working again. Have been running it for several weeks now without that driver and have noticed no problem with it missing, and the fan cycles on a lot to keep it cool. You might try that. Maybe not the perfect solution but it seems to work just fine now.