Make Larkbox works

The Larkbox come with the BIOS absolutely misconfigured from fabric and lacks of support. Its a well designed device but old fashioned. The young people normaly dont know how manage it and burn the device in a week. My recomendation is that buy a Playstation. Oh no. I dont going to be so negative and will tryng to help to the people that still dont have burned it. In this post im going to give my best of how completely install the drivers for dummies. But this is the second step. The first one is properly set the BIOS V.3 and im going to make photos of all the important pages in order to configure it in my way. My way is still compatible with SATA III 512GB expansion, SD CARD 400GB expansion, an AXIS ethernet hub and a 3 3.0 usb hub,
windows 10 pro with all the updates a full of work.I will show how. First the BIOS PHOTOS in half an hour.


sounds sorta interesting

is BIOS V.3 a new build? and does it offer fan control?

I find what you comment interesting, you can write to providing ideas to improve the product

@Sousinha I’d be interested in the BIOS photos pls.