LarkBox Pro: Updated but missing drivers (20H2)

Hello, I have successfully updated my LarkBox Pro (with M.2 SSD) to W10 20H2. I am however now left with 5 ‘unknown devices’ in device manager, and I no longer have my original installation or partions to check.

Can anyone identify which drivers are missing? I would prefer to only install what W10 cannot already install by itself to end up with as ‘stock’ an installation as possible.

Edit: I also noticed warning events on all 4 CPU cores of not being able to step down, which I assume is related to these missing drivers.


I was unable to update to 20H2 and during the installation at 5% the complete box froze!
Before I encountered an issue with the Bluetooth drivers and was so far unable to install the latest drivers from intel without crashing the system!
I am still running build 1909!

My LARK BOX cannot be updated to 20H2 either.
Is there a driver that should be installed in advance?

…you can try to run the DISM.exe repair tool from the command prompt, per the MS TechNote below:


Hello All. I finally managed to install 20H2 on my LarkBox Pro with all drivers installed. Here what i did :

  1. Install a fresh Windows 10 20H2 using Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and booting from an USB Key.
  2. Format completely the internal storage when installing the new copy of Windows.
  3. Update missing drivers with Device Manager using the drivers from


That’s what I eventually did as well, but in a bit of a roundabout way (needlessly going through Intel Driver Assistant and optional Windows Update driver updates first). Could you maybe check if Event Viewer now shows you the following error for each core as well?

“Idle power management features on processor # in group # are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.”

No error like that here.

Did you change anything in the BIOS (I didn’t, and I assume they al leave the factory with the same settings)? Just to make sure: I had 5 or 6 ‘unknown devices’ after clean-installing from USB. I manually installed all but one of these via Windows Update, and the last one (‘PCI Data Acquisition […]’) via that driver download. Did you have the same amount of missing drivers at first and did you install all of them via the driver download you linked?

edit: these errors are only logged after a reboot by the way

Didn’t change anything in BIOS. Just Boot order to boot on the USB.
Same as you in devices manager. I had some device with no drivers but I updated all of them using the drivers provided by the link I gave.

Ok, thanks! I see a reinstall in my near future then :wink: The event I mentioned might have been in warnings by the way, not necessarily errors (would need to check), in case you specifically scanned the errors only.

Just did the reinstall, with the drivers from the link, but I still ended up with these power management errors in event viewer. Also, I was not able to install the driver for ‘PCI Simple Communication Controller’ this way, as, according to device manager, required additional software was missing. This one is installable from Windows Updates’ optional drivers though.

If anyone would be able to to pinpoint the source of, or at least confirm these ‘Idle power management features’-errors that would be fantastic, I am really out of ideas.

It’s really strange that you get this error. I don’t have it here.
I install Win 10 without being connected to the internet, updated all drivers using the package before launching internet connection and do Windows updates, and didn’t get any power errors or PCI Simple Com.

It’s there after each restart (not after a first boot strangely enough) logged as 4 errors in Event Viewer (so not an in your face error message). I am not sure how harmful it actually is, as everything appears to be working. I was surprised to hear the fan ‘kick in’ only after one of the missing drivers was installed, so I am slightly suspect that it might have a negative effect on power draw / temperature of the CPU…

I did everything exactly the same way, however I did connect to the internet just before updating the drivers, to download the driver zip. I guess Windows might have installed a wrong driver from Windows Update for something in the meantime, but I think the ‘unknown device’ count was the same… and it wouldn’t explain the issue with the comm. device error. Strange! I assume you also used the most recent ISO for W10 available at this time?

Only other thing I can think of is either my Larkbox Pro is a slightly different hardware revision, or something in the BIOS is configured differently.