Latest bios for CoreBox 4th 1235u/ 16g ddr5

Need the latest bios for corebox 4th.

BIOS is required because… I’m diagnosing my problem. After I leave my PC locked overnight in the morning, the Explorer application stops responding. Reinstalling Windows 10 from an official Microsoft image does not solve the problem. Rebooting or restarting the Explorer process helps. but this interferes with the work with the PC.

can you please make me a pic of the serial number i think the P is wrong

Sorry for the delay. I have checked and the BIOS you have is the same we have here. We did not make an update

Thanks for the answer!
Please send a link to this bios version. for backup.

this one;

I tried to reflash the BIOS and it erased the serial number. I need it for work. please, help!

I thought you wanted for backup, Why did you flash it? if it was the same Bios you had?