When will the new bios version for core box 4th be released

Good afternoon, please tell me when the new bios version for core box 4th will be released and how to get it?

The thing is if there is any update… we normally do it by batch of Serial numbers, is not we create a new one that will serve all the computers, but maybe a series of serial numbers because there was something wrong with it.
If you tell me your serial number i can check and send to you the one we have, and you see if its the same or new than yours.

ZCoBoxI W1 H221100456

ZCoBoxIW1 H221100456

Артем Катрюк

Can you please check if this is what you have?
This is only for 16GB Corebox 4th i3 1215 not for 8GB, in case others read this message.
CW-BI-M01ALWR310-ADA90A-001-BBIOS corebox 16GB.rar (7.9 MB)