Mic not working on chrome


I am using chat based system for my work, but microphone is not working in it. Please tell me the solution to this problem. Tried to check the microphone setting on chrome and it is working fine.

My microphone was not working due to a reversal of the setting, but research has shown that some sites that examine the mic, while doing similar research, found a site the test the mic. Because of this site https://mictests.net, I found a solution to my problem.

Try checking your sound settings:
-Right click on the speaker in the taskbar and choose “open sound settings”
-In that screen, check that the input device is present and activated, also check the input volume.
-Test the microphone and if the green line rises when emitting a sound.
If everything works fine, you should check the settings of the program you use for chat and if it has the microphone activated.

If nothing works, you will have to restore the system