Microphone in my headset does not work

I plug my earphones. Only the earphones will work but not my microphone. I go to the troubleshooting and it says that mic in front panel is not plugged. So I repeatedly plug and unplug it and found out that when I slightly unplug the jack it reads my microphone but it still does not work. It is already plugged in but does not input sounds. How do you fix this? also is my earphone port defective?

The input jack on the lapbook pro is only for output. There is nothing wrong with your laptop, it’s just that the lapbook pro jack is not a combo jack - it does not have the connection for the mic. This was also my issue with my lapbook pro before I found out about it. In order for your headset to work, you need a USB sound card like in the picture.

Thank you so much for the information but damn that sucks because they could have just literaly used a combo jack like all of our phones. I never knew that you can seperate the earphones and the mic in a 3.5 mm port