No microphone via 3.5 jack?

Do I have problems or what ?? it seems my jack 3.5 does not support microphone, can someone confirm this ??



Usually when you connect a headset with microphone, it should appear a popup asking if you want to connect only headphones or headphone with Mic.

Which Microphone you are using?


for now im using my xiaomi headset jack 3.5 (with mic ).but my question is , does this port support microphone ? I have read that some chuwi models dont.


Hello Shumito,

Never tested. The main issue would be the contacts in the 3,5mm plug because you would have both headphone and mic wires touching the same contacts in the connection. I have no mic around today to test, otherwise i would check.


I would really appreciate if you can test :slight_smile: please, to check if is something wrong in my laptop , if so I can use my warranty.

Thanks a lot

Hi shumito,

The problem is that I dont have a Mic to test. I wonder if someone else in the forum may have tested it and may contribute.


I have the first gen of CoreBook X Intel (i5-7267U), mic works fine, I am using an old Apple iPhone headphones 3.5 (with mic).