Micro doesn`t work

Does this laptop have a built in microphone? Since no determinant can find it. When I connect an external microphone via port 3.5 - it works, but the laptop’s stationary microphone cannot be started (windows 10 from the box)


Welcome to the forum. Yes. Corebook X has a built in microphone. If yours is not detected, it may be a driver issue. Important that if you used an external mic once, maybe you need to change manually in the audio setups to select internal one again to work.


Thanks for your reply! Tried these steps but didn’t help. Tell me, can there be a problem in the operating system? (I heard that the windows “out of the box” on this model is not very stable (although I already updated to windows 11). Also, tell me, where is the microphone located physically? (actually the hole itself on the case)
P.S. I have Chuwi Corebook X/14’'/i5-7267U/16


There are two small dents about 1inch from the camera to each side. These are the MICs.

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