microSD card capacity for UBook Pro?


I’ve asked Chuwi technical but received no reply! Can anyone tell me the maximum capacity of microSD card that my UBook Pro can support?

Thank you!


After nearly 2 weeks, no-one can answer this simple question? Not even CHUWI?

Manual says it’s TF card slot, so up to 128GB. But my tablet also has a TF slot too but supports 256GB. I think this is mistake in description and it’s an SD slot and probably supports cards up to 2TB.

My own experience is that 256GB is fine, too, but I’m still surprised that Chuwi, themselves, can offer no answer to this question!

Thanks, Biosham!

Using 64Gb PNY SD with any problem, the only thing you can do is testing unfortunately…

Well, I’ve just “upgraded” my 256GB microSD for a 512GB card - and all seems well!

Still surprised that no-one from Chuwi has told us the “official” capacity of microSD card that the UBook Pro supports, however!