Mini PC CoreBox X, Intel Core i7-6560U, no longer boot

Hello, following a Windows update yesterday, the PC has crashed and can no longer be restarted.
I bought it April 1st 2021 on, however I would like to know whether you have any recommendation to repair / troubleshoot it.
thank you.

Attached the detailed configuration.

thank you.

Tell me your serial number and i will send you the files so you can install again

I have provided in the picture all information I found about the mini PC, where should this serial number be visible ?
thank you.

I have it, its written on the box. I will send you the files on Monday,
Corebox 256G20103581


Thank you for the files, however the Windows update seems to just be a coincidence: indeed after checking more in detail, the miniPC doesn’t start at all, the fan even doesn’t work.
I tried to use another power supply (with exact same characteristics of course) but the result is the same.
Therefore I think it’s a hardware issue. Is there a way to troubleshoot it, any repairer I could contact?
Thank you.

the warranty has already passed, so you would need to bear the cost. It can be sent to Germany. But right now the waiting of repair is around 1-2months. I would suggest you taking it to a local shop, because maybe is not something so hard to repair and they can do it there.