Minibook Keyboard failure - I need replacement


I have “Chuwi Minibook” version with 8100y.

Suddenly. The keyboard broke for no reason.
No liquid was spilt on it. The Minibook did not fall on the floor.

The problem is very similar to the problem from the video

Or from this topic Chuwi Minibook keyboard Drivers?

Only the Q key and others around it do not work at all.

Minibook became unusable.

The local service centre checked the ribbon cable and the keyboard connector, there are no problems with them.
I need to change the keyboard itself completely.

I would like to buy a whole brand new keyboard for Minibook (which works correctly) and have it replaced at a local service centre.

Or if possible I would like to buy an upper metal case with a keyboard in it (since the keyboard is fixed in the upper case with glue and hard in disassembling).

I have tried looking for a keyboard for MiniBook on various sites (Ali, Taobao, eBay, and others) but the keyboard is not sold anywhere.

Can anyone help me?

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CHUWI needs to sell keyboard replacement parts … ! i need mi minibook working and is only a keyboard issue. I dont want to carry around an extra keyboard

good luck with it, Chuwi will no longer support Minibook as it’s considered old device and parts are difficult to be found, that’s what they told me. I also have another problem, but I think the solution is to sell for parts

same problem here, and yet no solution