Minibook x N100 firmware

is there an update firmware for minibook X N100 ?
mine is very outdated.

If you provide me the exact model and Serial Number i can give you the files and you see if they are the same. Which ones you need? but normally we dont update unless there is a big issue that needs to be corrected , we make new batch series of computers with new updates.

my sn is ZMinBXHY3H230702901
firmware version DNN20 V2.09 x64
07/19/2023 18:09:37

You have the latest version for your computer i just checked it. IS not so old, is just 6 months old :).

i saw someone have newer version firmware in another post. minibook x n100

usb c to display is not working

We have different batches of Serial numbers, and in each one we have different Firmwares, that is why i said that.
Did you touch something in the Bios ? so it wont work
Or you just connected the cable? Did you check is the right cable with enough power? What is the display brand number you are trying to connect? And in which way you proceed to connect it?
I ask this because many times is not the BIOS issue…sometimes is other thing @manonegra222

I ask in order to give the most complete info to Tech.
If you want to upload a video to the forum you are welcome

I don’t know the especs but it’s possible that the USB C port don’t have video output.

there is nothing you can touch on bios. it is dell 42 inch monitor.

I have checked, and N100 supports in both type C the video output is fully functional

The 5100 just only of the C type it is, the other just only data.

@alanbb Make me a video of the Proccess you do it, and the model of the Dell Monitor, so my colleagues here, can see if its needed to do something else while you connect it, or configure something else. If i give a general question, they wont know whats going on.

itried it with type c powered monitor and it worked

So the Dell you were using previouslly, what kind of connector had?