What's the latest BIOS for the Minibook X N100?

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a few days ago I got a Minibook X N100. The BIOS it came with is:

BIOS version 09/22/2023 / DNN20 V2.17 x64

I noticed there are barely any settings that can be made within this BIOS, apart from function keys, boot priority, Fastboot and Secureboot. So I was wondering if there is a more current BIOS version available with more functionality.
Searching the download/support page I could only find a driver package for Windows, but no BIOS.

Thanks for any feedback!

Write to support@chuwi.com and see if they have anything to say on this.
Chances are less that there’s any BIOS released thereafter what you currently have!

We don’t get new BIOS versions I’m afraid. Remember, Chuwi is but a “reseller” of ODMs - Chuwi themselves don’t design or manufacture these units, but simply customise a pre-existing design from an ODM catalog of machines. New BIOS versions from the manufacturer won’t come unless there is a major functionality bug.

Note that restrictions are in place to stop people from tweaking and breaking their devices. You’ll find this forum full of noobs pressing buttons, bricking their machines, then blaming Chuwi or “someone on the internet that said…”

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I am curious who is the ODM manufacturer for the Minibook X?

Thanks for your replies!

It’s to sad that we won’t see an updated BIOS :frowning:
But I do not fully understand the restrictions argument. After all, most computers have a BIOS/UEFI with lots of functionality and people still don’t break their computers. I’ve seen many PCs and Notebooks, but the Chuwi Minibook X has the most limited BIOS I’ve ever come across.
I would have loved an option to limit loading of the battery (e.g. to 90 %) in favor of extending the overall battery life. But it is what it is. Still a really nice portable computer.

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My bios is V2.13 from 09/05/2023…
Wish to have newer cause i have problem with usb c connection to a display. It works but with one specific model of displays i have problem

Agreed, I too was surprised at the lack of BIOS options, but overall I think it’s a great machine. I love the size and the performance is incredible.

My Minibook X N100 got bios version DNN20 V2.09 x64. how can i upgrade the bios ?

I don’t think that would be easily answered, as it’s often a company undisclosed information. Even Chuwi themselves offer ODM/OEM services for others, so it’s like multi level abstraction.

@alanbb Why would you want to update the Bios ?(which is not recommended as many computers get problems after that ;). What kind of problem are you encountering?

@leledumbo Thank you for explainning better than i could :slight_smile:

support suad my 2.09 is latest. yours is newer than mine and my usb c to display not working also

usb c display wont work for me either

@alanbb im following your problem in your own thread, where i wrote. to not get lost :wink:

On the official Chuwi forum, users have been specifically asking about a BIOS update for the Minibook X N100 since January 2024. However, the moderators and Chuwi support haven’t confirmed any future updates yet.

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On a newly bought Minibook X I have newer dated bios with an older (!) version. It’s DNN20A V2.03 from 12/28/2023

The “A” means a bit different board revision, I suppose. Everything same as previous model, same 50 Hz screen (can be overclocked to 60/90 hz), but the RAM is slower now.

For previous model, people posted CPU-Z showing RAM at 2400 (2394 if exactly) frequency with 52-44-44-108 timings, but mine got RAM at 2000 (1995 if exactly) frequency (effective 4000) with 48-36-36-84 timings. Go figure!

thanks for giving that information