Misterious Push Switch Corebook X 2022

I´m in the process of RAM upgrade on my 2022 November Corebook X, and today I disassembled to look about the RAM configuration.
I can confirm new Corebooks does not have soldered RAM modules, and you need to replace the whole Sodimm module.
Looking aroud the motherboard, I found a misterious push switch without any marking on motherboard PCB.
Anyone knows what is the function for this little switch? I´m wondering maybe is a Bios Reset switch…

The switch location is near the M2 module, at motherboard PCB border.

Here is the switch location:

It’s also present on my 2021 (i5-8259U) CoreBook X. I read elsewhere it’s supposed to be the settings reset switch as you’re saying. Haven’t really had the need to try using it so far.