Need YOUR help fixing my Minibook X touchscreen

I was trying to improve my touchscreen and especially stylus performance, and found a HiPen update here on the forums (DON’T DO IT). It installed fine but was obviously incompatible with the Minibook X and now the touch is mis-aligned, mirrored, and has deadzones. These settings live on the touch controller, so re-installing windows or drivers doesn’t help.

Chuwi is so far unable to find the correct file that would fix this, so I wrote a small program that can read these settings from a properly setup Minibook X, and I could then use it to fix my device. Just need to run the app and copy the data that it prints out (click and drag to select, Enter to copy). If there are many 0x00s or there’s an error, try running it a few times. This happens rarely.

Here is the app:
You can check the source code as well to be safe:

I know that running some program made by a stranger on the internet is a big ask but you can check the forum here that I’ve been posting about the Minibook X for some time, so this really isn’t a long-planned scam :slight_smile: Your help would be really appreciated, this is my only hope for fixing the Minibook :blush: