New Chuwi HiPad MAX

This sounds like a winner … but I’m confused about several things. First, on Chuwi’s website there are no specifications. Additionally, when you click on the BUY icon, nothing happens. So apparently it’s not available through Chuwi yet? Apparently AliExpress is selling it, but they won’t ship to the US.

And then there’s this questionable listing from a third-party seller at Walmart. Why questionable? First of all, it’s a new seller. Second, they’re charging MORE for the version with less memory. And then there’s the fact that they’re selling it all when it’s unavailable elsewhere – even through Chuwi. And there are four five-star reviews dating back to March and April when the product wasn’t even available.


This is common. Chuwi sometimes launch first in specific markets then expand to others.

I would say better wait for model to be available worldwide.

It seems to be available on the Chuwi store now. Since there are still no specifications on the website, does anyone know if the USB-C 2.0 ports are compatible with HDMI? In other words, do they support the Alt DP requirements? Can you connect a USB-C to HDMI cable to transmit video?

Similarly, can you connect an external USB-C hub? (I have one that I use with the Chuwi UBook Pro.)

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Hi I have a question/problem with this tablet.
My chuwi hipad max auto turn on when I charge.
Can you test if the chuwi hipad max tablet turns on by itself when charging?

@JohnS43 I don’t think Hipad Max will have USB-C port compatible with HDMI. Most Chinese Android manufacturers don’t make this feature for their devices. Even Xiaomi devices can be rarely found with this feature.

@JONASUK0 Same here.

I have the same problem. But so far no help…

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My HiPad Max comes with the Android 12 operating system.
Will it receive Android 13?

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As to AliExpress they do ship to the US. I have gotten several things from them. I also questioned the WALMART authority to sell product earlier than the stated release date. I ordered my hipadX tablet through Walmart. I had no problems with the order. It is CHUWI that will not directly to the U. S.