Hipad Max 10.36 inch case

Hello. Just received my Hipad Max with the 10.36" screen. Does anyone know where I can buy a protective case for it? Is one in production? Are there any compatible cases?

@Barberfella type “case chuwi hipad max” in Aliexpress. There is one that I found.

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Hello please can you provide the link? I have just searched and can’t find one

Hi I have a question/problem with this tablet.
My chuwi hipad max auto turn on when I charge.
Can you test if the chuwi hipad max tablet turns on by itself when charging?

@Barberfella If I send you the link, Aliexpress will show in my local language and currency. You won’t be able to order it. So it’s best that you type in Aliexpress.

@JONASUK0 Same here.

Hi Super, I just tried again and found the case!!! Many thanks

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The same thing happens to me, it turns on by itself when charging

Hi, I Buy this one

Compatible and functional, it’s a problem with magnetic but no more