Hipad Plus cover

Is there a protective case that fits the Hipad Plus?

Preferably a close-fitting soft cover?

I don’t know for sure if there is. But you can search on Alibaba or Amazon.

Theres only the one who sells chuwi with keyboard that i know

You can find a couple of aftermarket cases on aliexpress, one is an attachable cover with a not so good look, and one is just a soft faux leather pouch, useful just for carrying the tablet but totally uncomfortable for actual daily use. Search for “hipad plus case” on aliexpress.

Other than those, there is nothing available. I purchased the original Chuwi magnetic keyboard cover, which is bulky and heavy. Also, it sports some absurd drawbacks: there is no way to fold it back and disable it, so if you try to grab and use the tablet you always interfere by messing with the still active touchpad and keys. Moreover, its furry surface is a very effective tool to collect tons of dirt and dust. A very silly design.