Magnetic cover Hipad Pro

I would like to buy a magnetic cover without the keyboard. Does anyone know where to find one?

Hello @Gio The magnetic case is specific type of case that only Chuwi manufacture. And they make only the case with wireless keyboard. But you may be able to detach the keyboard from the magnetic case.

That’s perfect because I am also looking for a keyboard. The scope would be to use the tablet cover as a support while using the keyboard from the sofa for example. And then use the cover as protection when out of the house and do no need the keyboard.
Thanks @super for you reply

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@Gio Try this case. This one can detach keyboard from the case.

@super Thanks for the suggestion…but I am looking for magnetic cover because I don’t like to see any grab or bracket on the screen.
I see there are magnetic cover for other tablet brand (e.g Xiaomi pad 5, some Samsung and Apple), do you know if any of those could fit as well?

@Gio Those cases for Samsung and Apple cannot fit Hipad Pro because of the different size and position of the camera on the back of each tablet. You can check out these links for the magnetic case for Hipad Pro: 01 02 03. But the keyboard for these cases don’t seem to be detachable.