Hipad Plus accessories

Hello all
I see no Hi9ad Plus section yet, and I have some questions:

  1. I read maximum 128gb capacity microsd card are supported, but…

What type of microsd card are supported?

  1. There will be dedicated keyboard , or are there current keyboard supported?

  2. There will be dedicated pen, or are there current pen supported?

  3. I don’t seem to find any cover to protect the Hipad plus, any suggestion?
    Thank you in advance

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I need link for case and cover or glass protector for chuwi hipad plus…!


I have problem of stereo, ?

Not you ??

No problem, both speakers works
But to be honest , the speakers are the worst hardware part of the Hipad Plus

I bought a microsd card Transcend TS128GUSD300S-AE
It’s 128gb, A1 and works perfectly up to now,
no cover available,
the Hipad is NOT compatible to any Pencil,
no keyboard available yet

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I want and need to buy a tablet case, and I can’t find it anywhere.
What are the options?
Thank you for info

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Dňa št 4. 3. 2021, 22:26 julien via CHUWI | Official Forum <chuwi@discoursemail.com> napísal(a):

In fact, the speaker left is low…

I got my Hipad Plus and seems a great piece of kit. Would be interested to know if anybody finds a case to keep it in.

Up to now I am surprised too, everything is really good, unexpectedly good, but the speaker and the gaming part
As soon as anyone finds a cover or a case, please post the link here

Hello, Always no cover ???

Not yet for me, I am controlling Aliexpress overall, but it seems nothing. If th tablet is successful, there will be plenty, differently…:sweat_smile:

I’ve been eying Hipad Plus, but still not decided whether to get one or not. Is there still no “original” cover available (that is, the bulky generic ones are out of the question)? I’d be happy with either a tight-fitting “TPU/silicon” (transparent) one, or one with a cover (like those for iPads).
Also, is it true that the SD card is only supported for up to 128 GB, and can only work if formatted in FAT (i.e. no FAT32 or xFAT support)?

Hi. i see that the Chuwi after sale service is not optimal. I send mails here on twitter on the off website but nobody reply. I want to know where rto get a case for my tablet nowhere i cant find it even on amazon on aliexpress it seems that no accessories for this tablet. can someone found any if yes send the link pls. thx

No luck for me as well,yet, if anyone finds something send the link here!

Problème : in paramètres, the menu display is not working…