NEW Modular laptop logic


What if you create one modular laptop, so all the pieces the of the laptop would have the same measures, and you will just sell all the pieces, and instead of releasing a new laptop just release upgraded MOBO. Or improved components with the same dimenssion, pins, so we could just buy it and change it

I would say, it already exists. It becomes to expensive and not so practical as in theory. I believe this is why companies do not invest in this idea.

thanks, I didnt know that exist, I found one very cool

Check this: Framework | Introducing the Framework Laptop 16

They are going to create a new laptop 16, with modular GPU, Keyboards, and they are going to share some things in GitHub as open source, I think mb chuwi can follow them and go inside that market

It is possible to create Modular Chuwi Tablet of 10inch as repairable? as new trend of technology as care for the environment? I love Chuwi products.

Here you have @ChuwiService the link to the GitHub Framework · GitHub, and they are coming to Spain this year, so you could take an advantage and do cheaper modular components for this laptop