No way to connect harddisk to HiPad LTE

I cannot connect a y drive to the tablet is OTG working with an external disk I have à Samsung M3 Portable Emmc HD.

Same here. I guess only flash drive can connect to Hipad or possibly any other Android tablets.

I can connect only usb keys ! However the same HDD flash drive is connectable to a SAMSUNG android tablet with the same connector.

Hello all,

This may fall in one problem. The tablet does not have enough power to provide to the HDD. External HDDs consume much more power than USB drives.

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Thank you for sharing this. I have never been able to use OTG for external SSD drive for any Android tablets before. So I thought it’s usually for Android tablets to not able to use this.

Samsung galaxy s4 with a 7500mA battery can access the external flash disk with the same connector all files are accessible in read and write. I persist in saying there is a bug in the Hipad LTE !

@Gerard92 May I ask what GB size of your SSD that you use to connect with Hipad Pro? This one has max cap at 128GB to be readable. If you are using more than this GB size, Hipad Pro will read error.

My understanding is that Hipad Pro supportonly 128GB for the the micro SD Card but nothing is said concerning an OTG device. My SSD is a 1 TB A works perfectly with the older SAMSUNG TABS4 as described before. It is not a hardware problem but a software one ! Chuwi Android 11version has a bug and does not implement OTG correctly. It should be corrected by a fix.