Problema con teclado / Keyboard Problem


Tengo un problema con mi portátil CHUWI HeroBook Pro, el teclado falla casi todo el rato y lo que hace es escribir cosas solo, por ejemplo: } o como si estuviera pulsando todo el rato sin parar la tecla que esta a la izquierda del CTRL derecho. Con lo cual no me deja escribir nada más porque se queda bloqueado realizando esas acciones.

Alguna ayuda?



I have a problem with my CHUWI HeroBook Pro laptop, the keyboard fails almost all the time and what it does is type things by itself, for example:} or as if it was pressing all the time without stopping the key that is to the left of the right CTRL . With which it does not let me write anything else because it is blocked performing those actions.

Some help?


Hi naxoch,
The only time I have seen this happen is when the key is “stuck” in the down position.
I am sure you have checked for this, but if you have not, then I would examine it well.


Surely the key is stuck, but I can not find any video where it is clear how to replace the keyboard because once I disassemble it and remove the motherboard and everything around, I only see a metal plate and I do not know how to proceed …

I hope you can help me with a video tutorial or something…

Thank you.